SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #12:  24th July 2015

Saturday 25th July.

Visit to Old Farm Apiary, Sawdon. 3.00 pm.  The weather forecast looks good and the cake forecast is even better so don't miss out on this visit. To get there take the A170 out of Scarborough turn right to Sawdon just before the road drops down to Brompton. Follow this lane, Sawdon Lane, for about two miles passing through most of Sawdon village. Old Farm is on the left on the northern edge of the village. Our host is our member Sallie Temple and she will be showing you her bees so bring a bee suit if you want to get up close. Make sure your suit and gloves are clean and sterile.

Queens and Nucs For Sale Locally.

Jeremy Smith has Mated Queens and Nucs available for sale. Prices are £25 for Queens and up to £150 for Nucs. Contact Jeremy at or 07886555430.

Top Bar Club.

Several of our members are now using Top Bar Hives. The issues I guess are the same as with bees in any hive but some of the practicalities are very different. Members using these hives may find it useful to talk to others who are doing the same. The members I know of who currently have Top Bar Hives are Andrew Botham, Stephen Muchow, Jodie Allen and Ian Rees. If there are others please let me know. Andrew is happy to be contacted for advice on Top Bar Hives, Warre Hives or natural beekeeping generally.

Barbecue, 12:30 pm Saturday 22nd August.

This is your early reminder of the Beekeepers' social highlight of the year the Barbecue at Osborne Lodge. Many thanks to Christine and Stephen Muchow for inviting us again. On the weather front it is absolutely definitely third time lucky this year. Directions to follow.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #11:  9th July 2015

Foul Brood Alert in Leeds.

We have been advised by the YBKA of a serious outbreak of European Foul Brood in Leeds:

'potentially affecting 97 apiaries. The Post Code areas affected are:  LS5, LS13, LS15, LS18, LS19, LS28 and LS29  although obviously there may be others not yet known about.. It is going to take some time for the Bee Inspectors to get around all the apiaries that need to be inspected, although that will happen as soon as possible.'

Scarborough Bee Keepers should not be too alarmed at this stage but need to be aware and to act accordingly. Do not until further notice bring bees or second hand hive parts into our area from Leeds. If you have recently done this then you must inform our Bee Inspector Adrian Wilford (  or  07775 119444 )  immediately and follow his advice. Unless you have reason to believe your bees are at risk from this outbreak it is not essential that you check them immediately but you may wish to do so. Attached is a useful advice note from Leeds Beekeepers on how to look for EFB and the BBKA Website has a lot of information and pictures.

Visit to Betton Farm Honey Bee Centre,  3 pm Saturday 11th July.

This visit gives Scarborough BKA members free admission to the Honey Bee Centre (normally £3.00) a cup of tea and a guided tour of the bees and exhibits by our member Jovan Pavlovic. Here's how to get there. Travelling out of Scarborough on the A170, Betton Farm is on the left about quarter of a mile before the mini roundabout junction with the B1261 Seamer Road. Information about Betton Farm is on their website. Don't miss this special offer!

Visit to Old Farm Apiary, Sawdon, 3 pm Saturday 25 July.

If this is not already in your diary get it in now. It's a beautiful spot and the cakes are not to be missed either. Directions to follow..


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #10:  18th June 2015

Harvesting Training Session Now On Saturday 20th June.

The training session scheduled for 13 June which was cancelled due to the weather forecast will now be run on Saturday 20 June at the Apiary at the usual time of 3.00.  It will cover harvesting only. Many thanks to Graham Robinson for stepping in at short notice. By the way, did you know that we have a four frame manual honey extractor which is available free to members. Email: or ring Stephen Muchow on 01723 865184 if you would like to borrow it.

Bedale Grange Farm Wild Flower Field, 3pm Saturday 27th June.

Here's how to get there. Travelling out of Scarborough on the A170 at Wykeham turn right at the Downe Arms onto Wykeham Lane. After about 3/4 mile turn right to Bedale Grange Farm. Plenty of parking space in the farm yard. Our member Martin Corney who farms here will show us the wild flower field and explain about it. There will be tea and biscuits. Do come.

Online Bee Recording.

Andrew Botham has found two free online systems for recording and tracking the development of your bee colonies. These look as though they could be a useful alternative to the grubby, not to mention sticky, notebook that I use.  Why not have a look at Hivetracks or Beetight.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #9:  12th June 2015

Saturday 13 June Training Postponed.

The weather forecast for tomorrow remains bad so we are regretfully cancelling the Training Session on Honey Extraction and Feeding. We are hoping to run this a week later on 20 June but as yet we cannot confirm that. Will let you know.

The Summer Programme.

The Summer Programme of Five Out Apiary Visits Starts on Saturday 27th June. These events are highly enjoyable; they always feature bees but can also feature cake, flowers or barbecue sauce. There's plenty of fresh air and plenty of the chat that we don't have enough time for at formal meetings or training. And for new members it provides an opportunity to see what everyone else looks like outside of a bee suit. What's not to like? The list of dates is attached. Get them in your diary and come to as many as you can. Access details will be sent out later.

Photo Competition 2015.

After the success of last year's inaugural Scarborough Beekeepers Photo Competition we have decided to do it again. Success this year will depend on you putting in your favourite bee related photos. If you haven't got one get snapping. After the amount of swarms this year I should think everyone must have at least one spectacular swarm pic. Closing date is 30th September so there's bags of time to take the winning shot. Details of entry are attached.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #8:  30th May 2015

Disease Identification and Response.

That's the Training Session which will be given by our Bee Inspector Adrian Wilford on Saturday 30 May at the Apiary. Training Sessions are aimed at new beekeepers but all are welcome to this one.

Hutton Buscel Open Gardens, Sunday 14th June.

We have been invited to have a stall promoting beekeeping. This is a relatively low key event but it would be nice to support. Please let me know if you are able to help set up the stall or provide cover for an hour or so during the afternoon.

Burniston Show,  Monday 31st August.

We have decided not to run a stall at the Burniston Show this year but it is really important that we have a lot of entries in the Show. That means you must start thinking 'Show Entry' now while you are bottling your first gorgeous jars of honey of the season. Entries must be submitted on the official form in advance and must be in by 14 August. See Burniston Show Website for details.Honey is Classes 358 to 367.

Our Honey Show 9 November.

The main event of course is our own Scarborough and District Honey Show on 9 November. So make up your mind now to put in some entries. Everyone should have something in because we will all want to see what you've been up to during the year. Don't forget it is absolutely OK to enter the same items in both the Burniston Show and our own or any other show.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association