SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #32:  20th July 2016

Visit to Sawdon Apiary, Saturday 23rd July.

Changed circumstances mean we have had to change the arrangements a little. The visit is still on at Sawdon but we will be seeing Henry's bees instead of Sallie's.  We will then go on to Sallie's at Old Farm for refreshments (and cake). Directions to the Bees:- Approaching from the A170 turn North at Brompton to Sawdon, along Sawdon Lane, which becomes Kirk Gate. Follow this for a couple of miles until you reach a sharp left turn into the village. Just before this, on the right, is a long straight farm track. Follow this for nearly half a mile and, shortly after a sharp left turn, drive into a field and park. Old Farm is through Sawdon village on the left.  Turn in and park in the farm yard. Good weather guaranteed. (it's about time)

Winter Programme Dates.

31 October - Annual General Meeting; 28 November - Scarborough Honey Fair (details to follow); 12 December - Bee Drive. All are on Monday evenings at St Catherine's Hospice Education Training Block, Throxenby Lane, Scarborough, YO12 5RE.

Top Bar Training, Saturday 13th August.

If you have been disappointed that the two Top Bar sessions we had planned this year have both been rained off you may be interested in this. Our member Andrew Botham is running a Top Bar Training Day at Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre, Cropton. It runs from 10am to 4pm. The course fee is £50 with lunch and refreshments provided. Information  on the programme is HERE  To book or get more info email or ring Andrew on 07971 233136.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #31:  5th July 2016

Bee Feeding Alert.

The BBKA has issued an alert about bee feeding based on reports from around the country that some bee colonies are running short of food. This is a time of year when the availability of bee forage always drops sharply and it appears that combined with the very variable weather this is resulting in a high risk of starvation. The food supply of specific colonies varies a lot, depending on the local environment, and yours may be fine. However it would be a good idea to check how much food is in the hive and feed syrup if necessary. A common mistake, made by me anyway, is to assume that a large strong colony will be OK. In fact sometimes it is these colonies that are at greatest risk of starvation as when the weather is bad they get through the in-hive food store quickest.

Summer Programme.

Visit to Top Bar Hives at Sherburn. Saturday 9 July 3.00pm. We start our Summer programme next Saturday with a visit to Andrew Botham's Apiary at Sherburn. All are welcome.  Andrew will be opening Top Bar and National hives to have a look at the bees, weather permitting, followed by refreshments.  If you want to get close up (to the bees, not the refreshments) make sure you have a sterile beesuit and gloves. If you need to borrow a suit let me know straight away. Directions are attached with details of the rest of the 2016 Summer Programme.

Honey Show Update.

Your Committee has decided that we will not have formal judging at this years Branch Honey Show. We will have a more informal approach, including, tasting, eating, trying and testing that we can all have a go at. We will be wanting plenty of your bee related products to try so make sure you start preparing now by putting aside honey and other products to bring. If you sell honey there are always a few jars that aren't up to scratch for selling but would be great for tasting. Details including date, classes and prizes to follow.

Burniston Show, Monday 29th August.

The biggest show round here by far is the annual Burniston Show and it provides a great showcase for beekeeping. We have long established links with the Show, Our member Peter Tidd is President of it and Peter and his wife are joint sponsors of the Honey Section. To make the most of the opportunity which it represents we should have as many entries in the Honey Section as we can muster. It is easy to enter. Just fill in the Entry Form, copy and classes attached, and post it to the address given. But you must do this before 12 August. Then on the day you just take your entries into the Show Tent before 9.30 and leave. If you enter enough classes to amount to £5 in entry fees you get into the Show free (kind of).  It's a good day out. More info on the Burniston Show Website.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #30:  11th June 2016

Bees with or without hive wanted.

We have a request from a beekeeper who would like to buy a colony of bees, with or without a hive, urgently; price negotiable. If you have one to sell please contact Tony Hutchinson as soon as you can on 01723 372025 or

Summer hive site available near Forge Valley.

We have had an offer of what sounds like a really good summer hive site at a bean field off Forge Valley. It's available now and there is no time limit for taking the hives off. If you are interested please contact Peter Hutchinson direct on 01723 862537 or 07885 228380 or  He is really keen to get some bees on there. First come first served I guess.

YBKA June Newsletter.

Now available on the YBKA website. This one includes items from Sheffield, Whitby and Bradford Associations, each with their own approach. The link also gives access to the archive of back copies although this is a bit of a work in progress.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #29:  1st June 2016

Honey Harvesting Training Session, Saturday 4th June.

This is a pretty basic session which will be useful for new beekeepers who have not yet tackled the sticky issue of getting honey out of a hive and onto a slice of toast. The plan is to take a few frames of honey from one of the hives at the Association Apiary and then go to Phil Tindall's shed to have a go at decapping and using a manual centrifuge to extract the honey. Sallie Temple and myself will be offering advice. It's 2.00 as usual at The Apiary with clean and sterile suits, gloves and hive tools. Beesuits not required for work in the shed but splatter proof clothing probably a good idea. Phil's shed is at 33 Lady Edith's Park but there is very limited parking so Please Car Share for the journey from The Apiary. This means you will have to come back to the Apiary to collect cars but it is only five minutes away. Directions to The Apiary are attached. Spare beesuits will be available if you let me know in advance that you need one. Let me know if you have any queries.

First Summer Programme Visit, Saturday 9th July.

This takes us back to Andrew's Top Bar Apiary at Sherburn. If you went to the Training Session there you will know that it was not possible to open the hives due to bad weather, although Andrew gave a very informative informal talk about Top Bar Hives. So this is a second scance to see inside a working Top Bar Hive. Start 3.00. Good weather guaranteed this time. Full Summer Programme including directions attached.

LASI Queen Bees (Advertising).

You may be interested in this. LASI claim to provide honey bees bred for disease resistance using hygienic behaviour based on scientific research. You can find out more on their website.

BIBBA Conference 2016.

This will be held on 20-22 September on the Isle of Man. Three full days of quality international speakers with lectures on many aspects of beekeeping: from beginner to expert. There will be a focus on breeding from the best, locally, for less defensive, robust stocks of honey bees. Details and booking on the BIBBA Website.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association

SDBKALogo75x72x32col   SDBKA Bulletin #28:  16th May 2016

Top Bar Training Session, Saturday 21st May.

This is a first for us but as we have a growing number of members taking up Top Bar hives it should be of interest. You don't need to have a Top Bar hive; just come along if you are curious.The Training will be given by Andrew Botham assisted by Stephen Muchow and takes place at Andrew's Apiary at Sherburn at 2.00. Don't forget beesuits must be freshly cleaned and gloves and hive tools either new or sterilised. More information, including directions and the full training programme, is attached. Let me know if you have any queries.

Summer Programme 2016 (At Last).

The programme, including directions, is attached. There are two apiary visits, a trip to the heather and the barbecue, which this year includes an auction of surplus beekeeping stuff. If you have any surplus kit you would like to auction let me know and bring it along on the day. Don't forget it must be sterile.


Best wishes,
Mick Johnston (01723 850041)
Secretary of Scarborough and District Beekeepers Association