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SDBKA - Committee

Our Committee is the body that represents the interests of Scarborough & District Beekeepers' Association. Its members, which are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting, give of their time freely and voluntarily in order to organise an interesting and enjoyable programme of events throughout the year and to represent Scarborough Beekeepers at Regional level with Yorkshire Beekeepers' Association.
If any member would like to contribute their time and/or expertise and participate in the administration of our Association, then please let us know.

committee copy

All communication should, in the first instance, be made to the Secretary by email: secretary@scarboroughbka.uk or in writing to:

The Secretary
Scarborough & District Beekeepers' Association
34 Blenheim Terrace
YO12 7HD

President Dr Henry Kaye 01723 859593
Chairman Stephen Muchow
01723 865184
07796 377053
Secretary Virginia Rees
01723 361864
07884 264779
Treasurer &
Membership Secretary
Christine Muchow
01723 865184
07469 876669
Apiary Manager Ian Rees
01723 361864
07884 264778
Stores Manager &
Website Administrator
Stephen Muchow
01723 865184
07796 377053
Other members of the committee Dr. Alan Walker, Graham Robinson, Sallie Temple,
Jovan Pavlovic, Steve Totty, Mick Johnston